Radio Theatre

Lisa Johnson

Andy Bennett of Renegade Theatre joins us for an impromptu game of "Andy Bennett: This Is Your Life!"  and a little membership drive improv.

Lisa Johnson

Sarah Lawrence of LOON (Lyric Opera of the North) drops by to talk about divas and divos (there are very few of either around here), about community support for the arts in the Northland and why she's never afraid to ask for money to support a quality product.

Tony Tracy is the executive director of the Douglas County Historical Society - an organization unique in that they use theatre to explain, teach and engage people with history.  This winter's production is an adaptation of "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.

Merry Renn Vaughan is the director of the CSS theater program. She talks about the role of the audience in theatre.

Kate Horvath's cast and crew just opened "Shrek: The Musical" last night, and she talks about the essential ingredient of the audience in a successful show.