Radio Theatre

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For several years now, the Douglas County Historical Society is giving audience members a chance to return to 1943.  From the decorations to the advertisements to the orchestra,  you'll be transported to a USO show, hosted by no less a luminary than Bob Hope!

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Maybe the students opening "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown" at St. Scholastica tonight aren't familiar with the singing and dancing of Al Jolson ... but never fear: they all know the "Peanuts" gang.

Duluth Playhouse

What's your favorite "Rocky Horror Picture Show" memory?

We sidetracked Kate Horvath of the Duluth Playhouse Children's Theater with questions about the perennial favorite Halloween flick ... but she got back on track with just a jump to the left ... and then a step to the right.

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Every fall, new students show up at college theatre auditions.  Some have never tried acting before; some were pretty big deals at their high schools.

Crystal Pelkey, the producing director for The Underground, joins us to welcome Take It With You to the KUMD airwaves Saturday night at 10pm.

Need to get caught up before the Saturday evening broadcast?  You can find all the podcasts here:

Andy Bennett of Renegade Theater Company offers tips on creating an impersonation ... and takes notes on an evolving piece of sketch comedy involving Duluth Mayor Don Ness and UMD Theater professor Tom Isbell as Nice Midwestern Guys.


"The Kitchen Witches" is the latest dinner theatre offering from Twin Ports Stage, set, as Vicki Main describes it, against "the exciting backdrop of public access television."

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Frustrated by the local media's inability to discover in-depth information about Duluth's Balloon Festival, Rubber Chicken actors Cathy Podeszwa and Jeremy Churchill go undercover as undercover journalists posing as balloon enthusiasts.

UMD Department of Theatre

Chris Harwood talks with Tom Isbell, UMD Professor of Theatre, about collaboration in the arts.  What are the dynamics involved negotiating a potential divide between a director's vision and a performer's creativity? When is artistry enhanced by the collaborative process, and when is it diluted? 

Lyric Opera of the North

  We talk with Ben Ellison, a UWS student majoring in Music Education, who is also a chorus member of LOON (Lyric Opera of the North).  How did he get involved in opera?  What differentiates choir singing from opera chorus singing?   How does one train a voice for this distinct style?  Is age a factor? Also, what's happening at LOON this fall?


Christine Seitz of the Duluth Playhouse talks about the theater's interesting approach to auditions in a smallish town: where even though there are a lot of actors, there are also a lot of shows.

Douglas County Historical Society

History comes alive - literally - at the Douglas County Historical Society.

The original play,  called Hardball,  was co-written by Michael Bettencourt, Robert E. Ozasky and Dean Kaner about Dean's grandfather, Hank Kaner;  a baseball phenom from Superior in the '20s who was drafted for the major leagues but faced a dilemma: his Jewish faith prohibited working on Saturdays - and that included pitching baseball games.

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What do theater folks do on summer vacation?  See shows and read scripts or avoid anything theatrical altogether?  Merry Renn Vaughan says a little of both.  She's the head of the theater program at the College of St. Scholastica and she talks about the fun of a new crop of theater students each fall.

St. Scholastica Theatre will kick of its season in November with  the musical "You're A Good Man, Charlie Brown."

  Blake Thomas and Mary Fox host Take it With You, a live radio comedy with music at The Underground every third Tuesday of the month, and they visit KUMD to talk about radio... in the theater... on the radio.   

Radio Theatre is supported in part by a grant from the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Crystal Pelkey

"Avenue Q" sounds a lot like "Sesame Street."

And yes, there are puppets that look a lot like Muppets.

But that's where the similarity between this show - named Best Musical on Broadway in 2004 - and the children's program comes to a screeching halt.