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If you're a theater company looking for a permanent space - and the money to acquire one - what do you do?

If you're Twin Ports Stage in Superior, you plan a No Class Prom for May.  And promise to take photographs.

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Brian Matuszak, the founder and leading (lime) light of Rubber Chicken Theater may have stepped off the stage as an actor, but he's stepping out - in snowshoes.

We talk with Rebecca Katz Harwood, Associate Professor in the UMD Department of Theatre about adaptation, transforming a story originally in another form into a play or film.  Citing several recent Broadway musical adaptations - Hamilton, Mary Poppins, The Producers, and The Lion King, to name a few - we explore whether adaptations can or should remain true to the original source, and ways that an adaptation may enhance or even shed new light onto the original material.  

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Set designer Ann Gumpper on the challenges of set design, particularly for opera.

Christine Seitz of the Duluth Playhouse on the adventure that is tech rehearsal.

Edward Johnson

Tony Tracy whiles away the long winter at the Douglas County Historical Society catching up on the maintenance and work from the busy summer ... but even in the depths of January, his thoughts are turning to summer and the new crop of characters he'll bring to life for the Greenwood Cemetery Walking Tour.

Illustration by Romy Blumel for the Saturday Review

We take a look at the theatre curriculum at the College of St. Scholastica, and in the process, learn about the difference between drama and theatre (it may very well be the roots of the ancient argument, "Which was better: the book or the movie?") and what it takes to be a game show host.

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Robert Lee has the challenge of bringing the world of Roald Dahl's James and the Giant Peach to life (complete with human-sized bugs and a house-sized giant peach) in front of a live audience.

But the director of the Duluth Playhouse's Theatre For Young Audiences program knows that when it gets right down to it, you don't need CGI or fancy special effects when you've got actors.


The start of a new year can be exciting - but the UWS Theatre Department is exploding out of the gate with plans for a musical (SUDS: The Rocking '60s Musical Soap Opera!), a scriptwriting competition, and  some fascinating new combinations of theatre with other curricula at the University.

  Crystal Pelkey, the producing director for The Underground, joins us to talk about their upcoming season (including the third season of Take It With You) , the upcoming musical The Last Five Years, and the many community and traveling productions that utilize this space in the lower level of the Duluth Depot.

Banning Around the Christmas Tree, or, The Last Noel of Don Ness

Brian Matuszak may still be found lurking around Northland back stages ... but he's not waiting for his cue any longer. 

After a few decades on stages throughout the Twin Ports, and after starting not just one but two theatre companies, Matuszak says he's done with the acting thing.

Art on the Plaza

It's nothing but drama, drama, drama with Twin Ports Stage these days ...

Will the next performance of "Twin Ports," the live radio soap opera unravel the mystery of the love child?

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You know that anxiety dream where you're on stage (sometimes naked) and you've got no script, no lines memorized - nothing?

The improv actors of Renegade Theatre Company are livin' that dream.  Just with clothes on.

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Opera singer Sarah Lawrence of LOON (Lyric Opera of the North) takes us on a tour of the science, superstition and opera lore surrounding singing while sick.

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Christine Seitz of the Duluth Playhouse with a fascinating look at the theatrical magic that makes actors fly.