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Tune in as we celebrate the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival. With 200 bands and 40 venues, how will you keep up? We have you covered with daily Live From Studio A sessions featuring Homegrown rawk and/or rollers, festival highlights from local music experts, and daily photo and blog posts.

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Monday 5/2 at 2:00pm | Chase Down Blue
Tuesday 5/3 at 2:00pm | Hanna Cesario
Wednesday 5/4 at 2:00pm | Low
Wednesday 5/4 at 6:15pm | Superior Siren
Thursday 5/5 at 2:00pm | Ingeborg von Agassiz
Friday 5/6 at 1:00pm | Nate Case (Lowland Lakers) & Lee and Sonja (Feeding Leroy) 
Friday 5/6 at 2:30pm | Reflectivore

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Chase Down Blue
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We kicked off Homegrown Week with a session with three fourths of this Duluth band, whose sound combines soft-to-loud post-rock dynamics with indie folk harmonies.

Since releasing an EP last August, the group's been working on its first full-length release. They joined us on May 2, 2016.

A mutual love of Ska brought Veikko Lepisto and Jason Wussow together to form Woodblind over two years ago. They met at Wussow's coffee shop, Beaner's Central, when Lepisto returned to Duluth after more than twenty years in Los Angeles performing with musicians ranging from the Royal Crown Review to Bette Midler.

Wussow has been part of several bands including Flux Skapacitor and No Room to Pogo. The duo has gigged steadily and released singles and videos; they now have their first full-length album, Big Voice, coming out and dropped by our studios on April 29, 2016 to perform. They had shows throughout the town over the weekend, including participating in part of the Homegrown Music Festival.