Art Week

KUMD Art Week

KUMD is the Official radio station of the 47th Annual Park Point Art Fair and we’re celebrating with artist interviews every morning at 8am, June 19–23. The celebration leads up to the Park Point Art Fair on June 24 & 25.

Swing by our tent and take a break in our listening lounge. Make your own art to take home one of our coloring pages—not just for the kids!


Kelly Beaster is making her first appearance at the Park Point Art Fair this year.   She talks about her unconventional approach to drawing (ball point pen!) and how she knows when a work is finished.   You can read about Kelly Beaster and see more of her work here:

Our week-long showcase of artists at this year's Park Point Art Fair kicks off with award-winning glass artist Douglas Becker.  He talks about how quickly you can learn what not to do when dealing with hot glass ... and how "trial-and-error" might better be called "trial-and-learn."

You can read more about Doug Becker and see more photos of his work here: