UMD Police

West Midlands Police/Flickr

UMD's Police department is testing the use of body cameras on two officers this summer.

And Police Chief Sean Huls says it's not to monitor officers as much as to gather evidence and reinforce the trust-building in the community.

Huls admits UMD is late to the game, body camera-wise, but he says the legislature didn't finalize data privacy rules - including when body camera footage can be released to the public - until last year.

Two physical assaults on women last month, within an hour of each other.

A woman pushed to the ground near the Bagley Outdoor Classroom and held there while the man robbed her.

There are a variety of actions people can take to minimize their vulnerability, says Lt. Tim LeGarde of the UMD Police Department .... but perhaps the best idea is one many college students employ without really thinking about it.

Anders Sandberg/Flickr

In the early hours of October 2, a college student walking through the parking lot at Niagara Court and Junction Avenue was approached by a man with a knife, demanding money.  The student said he had no money, and the man took off into the woods near the Bagley Nature Area off Buffalo Street.

Although the would-be robber was never caught, UMD Police Lt. Tim Legarde says violent crime is very rare on campus, in part because of proactive patrols and high officer visibility.