Twin Ports Stage

Lori Kempton/Twin Ports Stage

Fresh on the heels of a successful comingling of Duluth and Superior mayors in Love Letters, Twin Ports Stage is feeling pretty good.

The mayors had so much fun they'd like to do another show together, the public was impressed by their "hands-on helping" and the gutting of their proposed new space is done.

Nathaniel LeCapitaine/Fox 21 News. Used with permission.

Non-profit theater and arts company Twin Ports Stage has been working for years to create an arts & event center in Superior.


If you're a theater company looking for a permanent space - and the money to acquire one - what do you do?

If you're Twin Ports Stage in Superior, you plan a No Class Prom for May.  And promise to take photographs.

Art on the Plaza

It's nothing but drama, drama, drama with Twin Ports Stage these days ...

Will the next performance of "Twin Ports," the live radio soap opera unravel the mystery of the love child?


"The Kitchen Witches" is the latest dinner theatre offering from Twin Ports Stage, set, as Vicki Main describes it, against "the exciting backdrop of public access television."

It's almost like a soap opera plot.  Plucky little theater has grand plans to open a multi-use arts facility in the heart of downtown ... and in between meetings with Realtors and various city officials, they put on a show - a radio soap opera - once a month.  

Victoria Main of Twin Ports Stage is perfectly ok with that.  "After all," she says, "you can write your own storyline any way you like."

(Cue soap opera music here) The last time we checked in with Lori Kempton and Vicki Main of Twin Ports Stage, they had to cut the call short - they were in the middle of a meeting about trying to secure the Dunbar Building in downtown Superior for a multi-use arts facility (theatre, gallery, music venue, bar and cafe).  Join us now as we welcome Lori and Vicki for an update on that project, their radio soap opera and more!