Fans of old movies know any kids who have a barn are excited to put on a show. Kids without barns, though, have been turning to Hillside Youth Theatre Summer Camps for over fifteen years now.

It's an immersive experience involving everything from acting to set-building to costume creation ... with a little skills-learning and confidence-building on the side.

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Spring Awakening blooms this week at UMD, a raunchy rock musical based on a German play from 1891.

KUMD News Team member Jeyca Maldonado-Medina attended a rehearsal for a being-the-scenes look.

More information - and the trailer! - can be found here:

Illustration by Romy Blumel for the Saturday Review

We take a look at the theatre curriculum at the College of St. Scholastica, and in the process, learn about the difference between drama and theatre (it may very well be the roots of the ancient argument, "Which was better: the book or the movie?") and what it takes to be a game show host.

Emily Stevenson

What do you suppose is worse: writing a 20 page breakup letter ... or losing said letter only to have it turn up - in its entirety - as a theatrical performance?  And at the Minnesota Fringe Festival, no less?

Facebook couldn't have taken this story of love and loss and done any better by it - we meet the man behind the show "Everything You've Done That Hurt Me."

9/21 Esther Hoffmann

Sep 18, 2014

Women's Words on September 21, 2014 featured Esther Hoffmann, a poet from Mankato, Minnesota, reading her poem "When God Was My Boyfriend."

9/21 Esther Hoffmann

This week's Women's Words features a re-airing of a piece by playwright Caity Shea Violette who, along with actor Daniel Novick, performs an excerpt from her play, Save the Date. This episode originally aired in May 2013.