Green space is a term you hear bandied about when someone is talking about reintroducing elements of nature into an environment.


Citizens of Superior will get to decide if they want to ask the legislature and the Governor if existing exposition district legislation can be applied to a smaller market city in the state.


Essentially, Superior wants to use the same kind of public-private partnership that was approved for Milwaukee.  It's never been done in a smaller city in Wisconsin before, but it could mean a convention center-style venue in the downtown and all the other things that go along with it: new places to eat, to stay and more reasons for businesses and people to come to town.

Greenwood Cemetery

The Douglas County Historical Society is looking for (living) actors ... the Greenwood Cemetery Walking Tour begins in September.  There are parts for three women and ten men.  Interested actors (or actor wanna-bes) should contact the Douglas County Historical Society.

photo by Ellen Chicka

Art in the Park is old hat. Music in the Park is so yesterday.  These days, it's Something Superior in the park.  The Something Superior Improv troupe larks in Superior parks this summer, a group of veteran and fledgling improvisational comedy actors who can roll with whatever prompts the audience throws at them, even if it turns out the Kraken is who's coming for dinner!

Tony Tracy is the executive director of the Douglas County Historical Society, an organization unique in that they use theater to explain, teach and engage people with history.  Coming up in September is a living history walk through the Greenwood Cemetery in Superior, where actors will portray the persons interred there to give a richer sense of the history of the area.  Also in September the DCHS will present Hardball, a play about the life of H. Hanoch "Hank" Kaner, a Superior native who turned down a major league career as it conflicted with the tenets of his Jewish faith.

(Cue soap opera music here) The last time we checked in with Lori Kempton and Vicki Main of Twin Ports Stage, they had to cut the call short - they were in the middle of a meeting about trying to secure the Dunbar Building in downtown Superior for a multi-use arts facility (theatre, gallery, music venue, bar and cafe).  Join us now as we welcome Lori and Vicki for an update on that project, their radio soap opera and more!