Studio Tours

This week Radio Gallery talks to Dick Cooter about the annual Crossing Borders studio tour, which takes place September 27 though October 6. It provides the opportunity to tour artists workshops and learn about the artists' processes

Radio Gallery 09-25-2013: Dick Cooter

This fall Radio Gallery is in the field speaking with Minnesota artists in their own spaces, at shows, galleries and in their own studios. This week we hear from Tom Schrunk, a revolutionary artist working in the medium of lustrous materials.

Radio Gallery 10-31-2012 Tom Schrunk

Produced by: Maija Jenson

This week Radio Gallery spotlights the Northeast Minneapolis Arts Association (NEMAA)and the 17th Annual Art-A-Whirl which is taking place in more than 50 locations throughout Northeast Minneapolis.

Radio Gallery 05-16-12 Art-A-Whirl