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National Coming Out Day was celebrated October 11, including on the UMD campus.

It can be a momentous - and terrifying - act of courage and vulnerability to share something so basic about yourself with family and friends.

But coming out, says Erica Kachinske with UMD's Queer and Allied Students Union (QASU) isn't a one time thing; it's something people find themselves doing every day.

A big thank you to everyone who helped us reach the $33,000 goal during our Fall Membership Drive. Your comments and financial support are crucial to our success. Thank you.

Forever Home 10/12

Oct 14, 2016

Smokey | Contented Critters

Smokey is a male 2 year old Rott mix. Smokey is a very sweet guy who is almost overly affectionate. He needs work on a leash, but he is getting worked with and is learning new manners. He has been vet checked, neutered, and vaccinated.

Kevin Kling

Author and humorist Kevin Kling says when you can laugh at something, it doesn't control you.

In that case, the Minnesota native has plenty to laugh about.  Born with a birth defect that limits the use of his left arm, he lost the use of his other arm in a 2001 motorcycle accident.

But Kevin Kling is a big believer in sanuk - a concept he was introduced to in Thailand that deals with the joy that pervades everything.  And to hear him talk ... you can almost believe it.


When is a lawn "offstreet parking"?  When  your lease promises it?

When is parking on your lawn illegal?  Some UMD students say only in areas near campus.

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In the early hours of October 2, a college student walking through the parking lot at Niagara Court and Junction Avenue was approached by a man with a knife, demanding money.  The student said he had no money, and the man took off into the woods near the Bagley Nature Area off Buffalo Street.

Although the would-be robber was never caught, UMD Police Lt. Tim Legarde says violent crime is very rare on campus, in part because of proactive patrols and high officer visibility.

Forever Home 10/6

Oct 6, 2016

Dude | Contented Critters

Dude is an 8 year old male mix breed. Dude was scheduled to be euthanized. He had some minor medical issues which have all been taken care of, and he is so ready to get a home. He is a friendly little guy and has not offered a mean bone even when dealing with some painful issues.

Bolt | Animal Allies

Reyna Crow

Many environmentalists and tribes have been united in recent years and months over proposed mining or pipeline projects they’re concerned post a hazard to our Minnesota waterways.  But on the Standing Rock reservation in south central North Dakota, a quiet, lonely place where three biggest towns have under a thousand people each, some kind of tipping point has been reached.  On this reservation in the middle of nowhere, where about 15-thousand people live on just over two million acres of land thousands of native people and allies have gathered to shut down construction of the Dakota Access

Don't let anyone tell you Duluthians lack imagination.

The city has outgrown 2006's comprehensive land use plan and, to quote a famous one-time resident, "the times, they are a-changin'."

So they planned some events and sent out a questionnaire.

65 events (this summer) and over 4200 questionnaire responses later ... the Imagine Duluth 2035 project is ready to tackle some big issues with the help of a lot of old - and brand new Duluthians.

Forever Home 9/29

Sep 29, 2016

Banks | Contented Critters

Banks is a 6 year old male Shepherd/Beagle mix. Banks is a very friendly easy going guy who seems to like everyone. He is a handsome guy who would really love to have a family of his very own.

Rascal (bonded) | Animal Allies

When an apple grower in Bayfield ended up with 39,000 pounds of apples they had no where to store, Second Harvest Northern Lake Food Bank was happy to step in. 

Probably because the idea of a food bank conjures a mental picture of boxes and cans of food sitting on shelves, Second Harvest wants people to know that almost a third of the food they provide is fresh produce. 

And they're looking for new partners.

Lisa Johnson
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On September 23, 2016, Suicide Awareness Voices of Education (SAVE) announced KUMD’s Lisa Johnson as the winner in the Journalism Award Program for Excellence in Reporting on Suicide in the state of Minnesota.

Emily Baxter/We Are All Criminals

We've all been there. 

People of a certain age laughing with our friends about our wilder days and the things we got away with.

But those "wild oats" don't define us; don't move through our lives with us or in front of us, telling landlords or employers who we are, years - even decades - after the incident.

At least, they don't for most of us, as long as we're not homeless or mentally ill or living in poverty.  Or a person of color.

How would your life be different if it was defined by a single act - indefinitely?


Maybe no one saw it coming. 

Maybe no one connected the dots between an increase in prescribing pain medications to addiction to the search for a lower cost, easier to access replacement.

Maybe no one figured that replacement would be heroin.

Maybe no one saw every chemical dependency treatment program in Minnesota "completely overwhelmed," with waiting lists of six weeks or more.

Maybe no one saw an epidemic where sufferers might not even live that long.

KUMD's Audrey Summers has the story.

Forever Home 9/22

Sep 22, 2016

Jewel | Contented Critters
Jewel is a lab mix about 3 years old. She is a super friendly girl with a whole bunch of energy. She would make a great trick dog as she is tiny (33 lbs) and extremely athletic. If you want a dog with the lab "look" and not the bulk she is the girl for you!

Honey | Animal Allies
Honey is a white and apricot colored Australian Shepard/Alaskan Husky mix who is 5 years old. She came to us from a previous home and is now looking for her new loving home! Honey enjoys being showered with love and attention, but is looking for a home with kids 15 and older who understand her personal space. This energetic and friendly girl loves to play, and knows how to sit, shake, lie down, and roll over! Honey is also looking for a family who will take the time to brush out her long, beautiful coat!

Nanni | Animal Allies
Nanni is a black and white domestic medium hair who is about 14 years old. She came to us from a previous home and is now looking for her new loving home! She is a sweet, affectionate cat looking for a quiet home to relax in. She can be a little timid, but opens up to people when given the chance!