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Tribal sovereignty is more than just who is allowed to put a pipeline where.

Included in the right to self-determination and self-governance is the right to protect one's land and environment - and waterways.

But epidemiologist Michael Marmot says the less status you have, the poorer your health will be. It's not a question even of how much money you have, it's the psychological experience of inequality that makes the difference.

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It's not every day we create a special post about Laura Erickson's For the Birds ... but then, it's not every day the Cubs win the World Series, either. 

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St Louis County Judge Shaun Floerke thinks "treatment court" is much better description than "drug court."

Whatever you call it, it keeps the public safer, has a much better outcome for the drug offender and realizes a huge cost savings for everyone.

But can a new approach to drug crimes fly in the "land of 10,000 bootstraps," where if you're an addict, for instance, you need to "just stop it"?

Floerke says if punishment - or negative consequences cured addiction, there wouldn't be a problem.  But it doesn't -- and there is.

Forever Home 11/3

Nov 3, 2016

Ziggy | Contented Critters

Ziggy is a 4 year old Great Pyrenees mix. He was given up by his owner because Ziggy isn't meant to be an apartment dog! He is a big boy who needs room , he was bred to roam with and protect the herd.

Rosco | Animal Allies

Rosco is a black and tan Shepherd mix who is 1 year old. He came to us as a transfer from a different shelter and is now looking for his new loving home! Rosco is a curious fellow who frequently desires a fun adventure. Time running around outside is most certainly one of his favorite things!

Find early vote location, polling place location, hours of operation, and ballot information. Enter your address to determine where to go on Election Day. 

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MPIRG at UMD is making its voice heard on campus this election season.

The Minnesota Public Interest Research Group chapter is a non-profit, non-partisan and completely student-run organisation "to articulate and pursue ... the concerns of students on issues of general public interest."

And pursue them they do.  A few years ago, MPIRG at UMD was a handful of students.  Now they have 60 members, 18 leaders and five task forces.

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Living in their car because they couldn't find a place to live. Calling all 13 dental providers who claim to take medical insurance and being turned away by all of them. Struggling with public transportation as a disabled person when bus stops aren't shoveled.

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 * fear of clowns

Target's pulled the scary clown masks off the shelf and local police throughout the country are being called for "creepy clown sightings."

Stop it, says the World Clown Association.  If it's creepy or scary or threatening violence, it's no clown: it's just some bad apple in a Halloween mask.

Forever Home 10/27

Oct 27, 2016

Tedo | Animal Allies

Tedo is a black and brown Labrador/Beagle mix who is 10 years old. He came to us from a previous home and is now looking for his new loving home! Tedo is the friendliest of fellows who appreciates attention more than ever. He enjoys time outside and hopes to find a home where he can spend his free time running around.

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About a year and a half ago, the International Paranormal Society investigated Fairlawn Mansion in Superior.

One of those investigators will be joining UWS and Mansion staff for the Fairlawn Superstition Flashlight Tour, and paranormal investigator Scott Kenner's talk will include some audio recordings collected in the mansion.

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Very few relationships are violent or abusive from the first date.

That's the insidiousness of domestic or dating violence: the gradual eroding of one person's sense of confidence, of self, of value, of reality ... and the gradual assumption of more and more power and control by the abuser.

But what if we could see the signs, the red flags before we (or someone we care about) is sucked into the vortex of an abusive relationship?

We can.  It's not easy, but we can.

Forever Home 10/20

Oct 24, 2016

Dougan | Animal Allies

Dougan is a 3 year old male American Staffordshire Terrier Mix who is black and white.

Princess Lolly | Animal Allies

Princess Lolly is a black and white Domestic Short Hair who is 2 years old. She came to us as a stray from Duluth and is now looking for her new loving home! Princess Lolly is gentle, friendly, and curious. She is also full of adventure with lots of love to give.

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Adopting an animal - with the lifetime commitment that entails - can be a little intimidating.

But what if you could just try it out for a few weeks?

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Mammograms don't work well if you're under 40.

And drinking alcohol is clearly linked to an increased risk of developing breast cancer.

Dr. Helen (Mitzi) Doane is, among other things, a health professor at UMD and she joined us this morning for a conversation on the newest things we know - and don't know - about the second most common form of cancer.

Back in the day, the Duluth League of Women Voters had to stop printing their complete voter guide because it simply became too expensive.

Thanks to the magic of the internet, though, all 76 pages of it (or breakdowns by individual races) are available for folks to view or download here.