Karin Kraemer

Longtime Twin Ports ceramic artist Karin Kraemer is celebrating the opening of a location for Duluth Pottery & Tile on Saturday, October 25.  Duluth Pottery, Superior Division has lived in the Old trade and Commerce Building in Superior along with the Spirit Room and The Red Mug Coffee House and Gallery for many years and is just settling into Duluth's Lincoln Park neighborhood at 1924 W. Superior Street.

Elizabeth James

UMD professor of Ceramics Liz James has a solo show up through April 1 at the Kruk Gallery at UW Superior. “Clayscapes” is a beautiful show of installation and tabletop works created from friendly collections of wheel thrown objects. The theme of the pieces alludes to our intimate connection to our surroundings, through cityscape and landscape sculptures. Tactile and thoughtful, this show invites you to see, really see the world around you. Listen to Radio Gallery for more from Professor James.

Karin Kraemer

A host of artists from Duluth to Grand Portage will be participating in the 2015 Crossing Borders Studio Tour, opening their working studios to the public through Sunday October 4. Our guest this week is Duluth-based potter Karin Kraemer from her studio "Duluth Pottery - Superior Division." Kraemer is a guest artist in the Crossing Borders Studio Tour at Two Harbors area Blue Skies Glassworks, the studio of Jodi and Michael Tonder, Cooter Pottery, Betsy Bowen Studio and many more are welcoming visitors all weekend celebrating the Crossing Borders Studio Tour on the north shore of Lake Super

Potter Sharon Moen was planning on being the next Rachel Carlson when she was pursuing her undergraduate degree in ornithology.  Then she took that one credit art class .....