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Larry offers a wrap-up of our warmer-and-wetter-than-usual November, bids adieu to the snowpack for now, and welcomes the rain: "Every walk has been a fungal find!"

Lisa Johnson

As a heavy, wet snow descends on the Northland, Larry says November snows frequently don't last.

But then, most Novembers don't average 47 degrees for a daytime high, either.

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Larry Weber says our temperatures so far in this month (the average is usually 32; so far our average is 50) are not normal.

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Disappointed in the weather?

Larry Weber says turn your eyes to the skies instead.

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No frost, no ice,
No snow, no cold


- adapted for November 2015 by Larry Weber, with apologies to Thomas Hood!

Erin Welch

Who knew November was one of the best months for seeing the aurora?  Just another reason to love Larry Weber and Backyard Almanac!