Listen to our November 2006 session with Martin DeVaney and Charlie Parr.

Listen to a live session with this Minneapolis singer/songwriter from November 10th, 2006.

Ben Connelly

This Twin Cities string band combines old timey sounds with urban grit. They play at Pizza Luce with Charlie Parr this Friday at 11pm. We'll give you a preview when they join us in the studio at 1pm the same afternoon.
Pizza Luce

These singer-songwriters will be performing Saturday at the North House Folk School's Unplugged event in Grand Marais. They'll give us a preview on Friday, September 29th at 3pm.

Lindsay Mac
Celeste Krenz
North House Folk School

Listen to our session with Eliza and her band from September 14th, 2006. She was in Duluth for a show at Amazing Grace Bakery.
Amazing Grace Bakery

Listen to our session with this Boston-based acoustic blues/folk artist from February 1999.

Listen to our session with guitarist extraordinaire Adrian Legg from November 2004.

Listen to our session with one of our favorite singer-songwriters, John Gorka, from January 2001.

Join us for a session with local band Cloud Cult on Tuesday, September 26th at 5pm. They'll play at 10:45 the same night at the Kirby Ballroom at UMD.

Cloud Cult

Listen to our session with Susan Werner from October 1999.

This New Jersey-based singer-songwriter was in our studios on October 27th, 2006.

Amy Speace

Listen to our session with Willy Porter from May 2000.

Listen to our session with Tom from April 2005.

Listen to our session with Judith, who brought her husband, Harry Shearer, along.

Join us for a session on Thursday, September 28th at 3pm. Trapper, from the band the Push Stars, will be playing at Beaner's Central at 8 the same night.

Chris Trapper