Listen to our session with local guitarist Sam Miltich and his band from July 2005.

Join us for a session with these local artists on Friday, January 5th at 1pm. They play at 8pm the same night at Beaner's Central.

Toby's band The Alrights
Mary Bue

This Ohio husband-and-wife duo returns to our studios on Wednesday, January 24th at 3pm. They play at 10 the same night at the University of Minnesota, Duluth.

Join us for a session with this Milwaukee guitarist, singer, and songwriter on Friday, February 23rd at 3pm. He plays at 7:30 the same night at the Sacred Heart Music Center in Duluth.

Listen to our session with this renowned jazz organist from March 2nd, 2007.

Listen to our live session with this Minnesota husband-and-wife duo from May of 2002.

Join us for a session on Thursday, December 7th at 3pm with local artists who are included on a benefit CD, "Treasure Chest," for Pearl Swanson, daughter of local recording engineer Eric Swanson and his wife Patty Sobczak. Eric has helped out with many of our live sessions at KUMD. We'll hear from local artists Mark Lindquist, Jerree Small, and Glenda Thuner, and we'll find out more benefit concerts and other events this week to support Pearl.

For more information on benefit events, go to:

Listen to our session with this jazz saxophonist and members of UMD's Jazz Ensemble 1 from December 6th, 2006.

Greg Abate

Listen to this live session with this Australian band from June 2004.

Listen to this session with Dave "Snaker" Ray live from the KUMD Music Room in June of 2000.

Chicago singer-songwriter Mike Mangione recorded this live session in the KUMD studios in February 2007.

This Twin Cities-based group played in studio on February 23rd, 2007. Listen to the session here.

This rock singer and guitarist returns for a session on Saturday, February 3rd at 4pm. She plays later the same night at Fitger's Brewhouse.

Listen to our session from July 2006 with this blues-rocker.


Listen to our session with this local trio from September 2002.