Listen to this recent session from Sue Foley, who was just in town to play at the Bayfront Blues Festival.

Local musician Teague Alexy and his band performed for us live in the Music Room, in September 2006. You can listen to that session right here!

Teague Alexy

Join us for a session with this acoustic jam band from Wednesday, September 20th, 2006.

Boris Garcia

Listen to a session with these two musicians from Columbus, Ohio from September 12th, 2006.

Eric Nassau
Megan Palmer

Listen to our session with Dar from April, 2003.

Listen to our session with Greg Brown from October, 2004.

Listen to our session with Nashville-based singer-songwriter Buddy Mondlock from November, 2004.

Listen to our session with Tret from February, 2006.

This local band joined us in the studio on September 22nd in 2006, just before their CD release party for "About You."

No Wait Wait @

Vocalist Leslie Clemmons, accompanied by husband Rod on piano, will join us in the studio on Thursday, October 5th for a preview of her show at Amazing Grace Bakery the same night.

Leslie Clemmons
Amazing Grace.

Listen to this recorded session with the Hudsons, a three-piece band from Austin, Texas. This was recorded in August 2006.

The Hudsons

Listen to our session with this New England singer/songwriter from November, 2005.

October, 2005

Listen to our session with this soulful New York City native.

July, 2004

Listen to our session with this Australian guitar virtuoso.

The RUF Records Blues Caravan visited our studios on August 11th, 2006. The RUF Blues Caravan features three up-and-coming blues artists on the Ruf Records label. They were in town to play the 2006 Bayfront Blues Festival.

Ruf Blues Caravan: