Paul LaJeunesse

St. Scholastica art professor and painter Paul LaJeunesse has a big project ahead.  He has been selected as the first Artist-in-Residence in a new, Lincoln Park Craft District residency program for March through June, 2017. With the exciting revitalization of the Lincoln Park neighborhood, this upcoming public art project will be fun to see unfold. 

A leader in community engagement, murals and public arts, St. Paul painter Ta-Coumba Aiken is our guest on Radio Gallery this week.

2/4 Radio Gallery: Ta-Coumba Aiken

In 2009, local artists joined together with the Superior Business Improvement District to form a group called SPAC2ES, which stands for Superior Public Art Creating Community Environments. With a mission of using art to revitalize the city, the artists from SPAC2ES have painted murals and held exhibitions all over downtown Superior. This week, textile artist Erika Mock talks about SPAC2ES and their contributions to the local art scene, which are now reaching out to high school students, as well.

We speak with Ta-Coumba Aiken, a member of the Minnesota Artists Exhibition Program. Aiken's work is be on display at the ''Foot in the Door'' exhibition, which is a free exhibition that premieres on Thursday, February 18th, and will wrap on June 13th, 2010.

Radio Gallery 02-17-10: Ta-Coumba Aiken

Hosted by Maija Morton.

Listen as Chuck Hues, a vital visual artist to the festival music scene, talks about his work.

Radio Gallery 01-13-10: Chuck Hues

Hosted by Maija Morton