Minnesota's Department of Transportation isn't the first state department you'd think of if you were trying to combat sex and labor trafficking in the state, but as Angela Forsythe points out, transportation of the victim is almost always involved.

And unfortunately, thanks to ports, railroads and major highways, not to mention big events like the Super Bowl that draw crowds to the state, Minnesota is a hotbed for the buying and selling of human beings.

MN Department of Transportation

A 1929 ad for the Great Northern Railway trumpeted "Watch for it!  a transcontinental train with the largest most palatial observation sun room car ever built [sic]"

The proposed Northern Lights Express may not be able to challenge the old Empire Builder when it comes to certain touches like 1925's "four o'clock tea ... served each day in the luxuriously fitted observation cars of the New Oriental Limited," but the original Empire Builder's ads boasted the train "Saves a Business Day!" and indeed, the Northern Lights Express could do the same.