Marie Zhuikov

Given the choice between a cash prize for their annual contest and a chance to get published, the Lake Superior Writers voted back in 2016 to get published.

The result is one of the best possible souvenirs of the Northland: a book about the lake by people who live near it and love it.

Gene R. Clark, UW Sea Grant Institute

No PowerPoints.

There aren't many rules to the River Talks, a series of informal science cafe-type evening talks about the St. Louis River, but that's one of them.

Wisconsin Sea Grant's Marie Zhuikov organizes the series. She wants people to sit and talk with the presenters and ask questions.

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How do I love thee, Lake Superior?

Let me count the ways.

You only get 6500 words to tell your (short) story in the Lake Superior Writers 2016 Fiction Writing Contest, but your reward could be a chance to sit on a bench on the boardwalk, reading your own piece in a fiction anthology tentatively titled Going Coastal!

Duluthian Marie Zhuikov writes "eco-mystic romance novels for new adults,"  set right here at home.

Unfamiliar with the genre?  Find out what it's all about and why Marie is a little nervous to have her parents read her books!

Women's Words on January 25, 2015 featured Marie Zhuikov of Duluth reading an excerpt from her book, Plover Landing.

1/25 Women's Words: Marie Zhuikov

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Women's Words on January 11, 2015 featured Marie Zhuikov of Duluth reading an excerpt from her book, Eye of the Wolf.

1/11 Women's Words: Marie Zhuikov