Lutheran Social Services

©Lisa Johnson

Money.  Whether we have it or we don’t, it’s a constant in our everyday lives.  Its presence – or absence is felt as we go about our business every single day.  So why is it so hard to talk about?

KUMD continues our Community Week series on Northland Morning leading up to the MCCU Twin Ports Bridge Festival on Friday, September 11th.  We have a conversation with Kathy Hermes, who works for Lutheran Social Services' Duluth Youth Services, and coordinates Together for Youth, a social and support group for lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, questioning and allied youth.

Every year, Lutheran Social Services (LSS) in Duluth helps over 600 homeless youth in our community.  They provide a gamut of services, from a teen clinic and a runaway program, to transitional housing and street outreach - even help for kids about to age out of the system.

But those services are located throughout the city and aren't always easy to get to.  So LSS has announced plans to build the Center for Changing Lives, one central location in Duluth where homeless kids can find all the help and services they need under one roof.