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Mn Artists

If you are a Minnesota artist you have likely heard of mnartists.org, a long running local arts project of the Walker Arts Center. Mn Artists is an online community that spills over into the gallery. With the goal for artists to reach larger and more distant audiences, the online community not only offers web space to artists to share their work and profile, but works to connect artists, to inspire collaboration and to propel local art into the regional and national scene.

Homegrown Week on KUMD!
Listen to our session with this Superior native, now based in Brooklyn from April 30, 2015. A singer, songwriter, and producer, Hoberg describes her sound as "chant soul pop." She performed Thursday for the Homegrown Music Festival.

There is a new kid on the block; it's Art in Bayfront Park happening this weekend. It's a 2-day art festival with 180 participating artists, plus music, food, drinks and a Kids Corner.

8/13 Radio Gallery: Art in Bayfront Park

This week our Radio Gallery guest shares her passion for painting outdoors, summer, fall and even winter. Local artist Michelle Wegler packs her pastels up and heads out into the great outdoors, bugs and all.

7/2 Radio Gallery: Michelle Wegler

Wegler paints with pastels bringing the details of the natural world into focus. Working plein air is a big part of her work and today she talks about what drives her out of the studio into the field. You can find her work at the following links and exhibits.

Duluth artist Ken Marunowski joins Radio Gallery to talk about his latest work "The Brewhouse Drawings" on display for the month of April at Beaner's Central Coffee and Concert House in West Duluth.

4/16 Radio Gallery: Kenneth Marunowski

Local artist Emma Rustin joins us on Radio Gallery as curator and contributor to the upcoming "My Funny Valentine" show opening Friday at Washington Gallery in Duluth.

2/12 Radio Gallery: My Funny Valentine

This week on Radio Gallery, ceramic artist and founder/owner of Snoodle Ceramic Studio talks about the 8th Annual LOVE at the Snoodle Gallery Exhibition, opening this Saturday at 5pm.

2/5 Radio Gallery: Tonya Borgeson

Local Artist and sculptor Sean Elmquist joins Radio Gallery to share the ideas behind his work. A UMD grad, Elmquist is one of so many art students who show their work at the Tweed each week.

1/29 Radio Gallery: Sean Elmquist

Scott Murphy

Scott Murphy joins Radio Gallery this week to talk about his current exhibition "Broken Threads" up at the Duluth Art Institute through January 27.

01/15 Radio Gallery: Scott Murphy

Also happening on the 27th is his artist talk, sharing more about his current work. Scott Murphy is often working on commissions, painting murals and installations. This year he carved out time to make art for art sake. On the program he shares how this show gave him space to explore internal dialogues and new ideas in his work.

Cheryl Husby joins Radio Gallery this week to discuss the Husby Pottery & Glass Holiday Sale 2013. The preview party will take place on Friday December 13th from 5:00pm. to 8:00pm. at Husby Pottery and Glass located at 424 S. 18th Ave. East Duluth, MN with guest artist Jim Sage.

12/11 Radio Gallery: Cheryl Husby

Bob Pokorney, a Duluth artist, joins Radio Gallery to discuss his art and his upcoming exhibit, which takes place at Lake Avenue Cafe on November 7th from 4-6p.m. with music by Hanna Elizabeth Cesario

Bob Porkorney on Radio Gallery

"All these images that just get stuck in my head over the course of my lifetime" -Bob Pokorney

Mary Plaster, a Duluth artist, joins Radio Gallery to discuss her involvement in this years annual All Souls Night. All Souls Night 2013 takes place Saturday, Nov. 2nd from 6-8 p.m. at the Duluth Depot and 8-10 at Sacred Heart Music Center. Dressing in black and skeleton-wear greatly encouraged.

Mary Plaster talks about Al Souls Night in Duluth

Richard Rosvall

In anticipation of Halloween Radio Gallery revisits an interview with Richard Rosvall, a local steam punk artist, to discuss what steam punk is, how he began working in the genre of steam punk, and how Halloween has inspired his work.

Richard Rosvall

Richard Rosvall, a local steam punk artist, joins Radio Gallery to discuss what steam punk is, how he began working in the genre of steam punk, and the process of his work.

Radio Gallery 10-08-2013: Richard Rosvall

Pr?ve Gallery

This week on Radio Gallery we speak to Nickolas Monson about "Transplants," an exhibit opening at Pr?ve Gallery on September 13th. It will showcase art by individuals from various places who have moved to Duluth.

Radio Gallery 09-11-2013: Nickolas Monson