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As Minnesotans gear up for the second of our two seasons (road construction), hikers, bikers, nature lovers and casual strollers prepare for the summer-long closing (any day now) of a five mile section of the Willard Munger State Trail between Grand Avenue and Becks Road in West Duluth.

As soon as spring road restrictions allow the DNR to move in the big equipment, they'll set to work repairing chunks of the trail still damaged from the 2012 floods.  In addition, there are some new trail standards that will require some improvements to the trail.

©Washington State Department of Transportation

You think you're on good hands ... until mayhem strikes in the form of a rainstorm ... or a flash flood ... or even a mudslide.  Then you may be in for another unpleasant surprise: what your homeowner's insurance does - and doesn't cover.  But if you have questions, the Minnesota Commerce Department has answers.