Duluth Authors

Women's Words on July 28, 2013, featured Connie Wanek of Duluth reading three poems about games: "Checkers," "Monopoly," and "Scrabble."

Women's Words: July 28, 2013: Connie Wanek

Women's Words on July 14, 2013 features Meredith Cornett of Duluth reading an excerpt from her memoir, Heart of Palms.

Meredith Cornett is a conservation biologist by day, writer by night, based in Duluth, Minnesota. She was born and raised in Atlanta, Georgia, but fell in love with the woods and waters of northern Minnesota while doing field research in the state parks along Lake Superior's scenic shoreline.

Women's Words on June 16, 2013 featured Terry Falsani of Duluth, reading three poems, "Sandbar at Low Tide," "Exile, Twenty Years," and "I Am Not the Woman I Thought I'd Be."

Women's Words: June 16, 2013: Terry Falsani

Women's Words on June 9, 2013 featured Terry Falsani of Duluth, reading three poems, "Mist in May," "The Sifter," and "Why I Speed."

Women's Words: June 9, 2013: Terry Falsani

Women's Words on April 28, 2013 featured Theresa O'Halloran-Johnson of Duluth reading three poems, "Shipping Traffic," "Midwinter's Nap," and "Trillium."

Women's Words: April 28, 2013: Theresa O'Halloran-Johnson

Women's Words on January 20, 2013 featured Meredith Cornett of Duluth reading an excerpt from her memoir, Heart of Palms.

Women's Words: January 20, 2013: Meredith Cornett

Women's Words on December 2, 2012 again featured Sheila Packa, a former Duluth poet laureate, who read two poems, "Red Clover, " and "The Cost."

Women's Words: December 2, 2012: Sheila Packa

Sheila Packa writes about northern Minnesota. She was Duluth's Poet Laureate 2010-2012, and she teaches writing at Lake Superior College. See her website and blog about poetry process at www.sheilapacka.com

Women's Words on November 11, 2012 featured Amy Jo Swing of Duluth, reading three poems: "Coloring the Monsters," "Crossing It Off," and "Wordage."

Women's Words: November 11, 2012: Amy Jo Swing

Womens Words on October 28 featured Terry Falsani of Duluth, reading three poems, Onerous Words, Halloween, and Closure.

Women's Words: October 28, 2012: Terry Falsani

Women's Words on October 21, 2012 featured Margi Preus of Duluth, Minnesota, reading a second excerpt from her newest book Shadow on the Mountain; A Novel Inspired by the True Adventures of a Wartime Spy.

Women's Words: October 21, 2012: Margi Preus

Women's Words on Sunday, September 30 featured Gail Trowbridge, a writer from Duluth, reading her short story "Cardboard Castle."

Gail Trowbridge has published articles, short stories and essays in magazines, journals and newspapers in Minnesota and Wisconsin. She received third prize in Lake Superior Writers 2010 contest for her short story "Good Christian Charity," and second prize in Minnesota Literature's 2007 Essay Contest for "The Linotype." In 2011, she received a McKnight-ARAC Career Development Grant. Gail is a board member of Lake Superior Writers.

Women's Words on Sunday September 16 featured Liz Minette, a poet from Esko (and also a featured announcer of our own Women's Music program on KUMD!). She reads two of her poems, "thistle" and "Four Crows." Funding for Women's Words is provided by the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund.

Women's Words, September 16, 2012: Liz Minette

- thistle

- Four Crows