Douglas County Historical Society

©Jessica Michna

Tony Tracy says, if you want to be considered an expert in something, you have to know it at least "three questions deep."

Jessica Michna, an actress from Wisconsin acclaimed  for her portrayals of historic women, returns to the Douglas County Historical Society for two performances as Mary Todd Lincoln this weekend. 

Greenwood Cemetery

The Douglas County Historical Society is looking for (living) actors ... the Greenwood Cemetery Walking Tour begins in September.  There are parts for three women and ten men.  Interested actors (or actor wanna-bes) should contact the Douglas County Historical Society.

Edward Johnson

Tony Tracy whiles away the long winter at the Douglas County Historical Society catching up on the maintenance and work from the busy summer ... but even in the depths of January, his thoughts are turning to summer and the new crop of characters he'll bring to life for the Greenwood Cemetery Walking Tour.

John Atherton/Flickr

For several years now, the Douglas County Historical Society is giving audience members a chance to return to 1943.  From the decorations to the advertisements to the orchestra,  you'll be transported to a USO show, hosted by no less a luminary than Bob Hope!

Douglas County Historical Society

History comes alive - literally - at the Douglas County Historical Society.

The original play,  called Hardball,  was co-written by Michael Bettencourt, Robert E. Ozasky and Dean Kaner about Dean's grandfather, Hank Kaner;  a baseball phenom from Superior in the '20s who was drafted for the major leagues but faced a dilemma: his Jewish faith prohibited working on Saturdays - and that included pitching baseball games.

Tony Tracy is the executive director of the Douglas County Historical Society - an organization unique in that they use theatre to explain, teach and engage people with history.  This winter's production is an adaptation of "Great Expectations" by Charles Dickens.