Crystal Pelkey

  Crystal Pelkey is the Producing Director for The Underground, and she joins us to talk about theater on the radio.  They are wrapping up this season and will soon "go dark," but in the off-season there is still a lot of work to do. Planning for future seasons is an ongoing process, usually starting more than a year in advance. The Underground, in addition to staging Duluth Playhouse productions, has to schedule outside events and shows onto its stage as well, which can be challenging.

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Crystal Pelkey of the Duluth Playhouse on people-watching ... after the show is over.

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Crystal Pelkey is a playwright, performer, director - she's even been a guest honoree in KUMD's Women's History Month episodes.

She has a new gig now at the Duluth Playhouse: Director of Patron Services and Special Events, but in her inimitable style, she'll be making up the rules - and writing the lexicon - as she goes.

KUMD celebrates Women's History Month with a daily post about women in our community who lead, create and inspire. Today we honor, Crystal Pelkey: Director of Patron Services & Special Events at The Duluth Playhouse.

  Crystal Pelkey, the producing director for The Underground, joins us to talk about their upcoming season (including the third season of Take It With You) , the upcoming musical The Last Five Years, and the many community and traveling productions that utilize this space in the lower level of the Duluth Depot.

Crystal Pelkey, the producing director for The Underground, joins us to welcome Take It With You to the KUMD airwaves Saturday night at 10pm.

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Crystal Pelkey

"Avenue Q" sounds a lot like "Sesame Street."

And yes, there are puppets that look a lot like Muppets.

But that's where the similarity between this show - named Best Musical on Broadway in 2004 - and the children's program comes to a screeching halt.

The irrepressible Crystal Pelkey,  producing director of The Underground,  talks about their Theater for Young Audiences series and a growing trend in the Twin Ports of paying actors.  Who woulda thunk it?!