Cross-Country Skiing

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Several of the most magical moments of the 2018 Winter Games were created by Minnesotans.

The US Women's Hockey team beating Canada in the final game.

Four years before Jessie Diggins would learn about it first hand at the 2018 Winter Games, she talked with KUMD's Mimmu Salmela about how it feels to win a medal "where you never have before."

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Larry Weber says the darkness of this week leading up to the December 21 winter solstice is should be embraced, and a walk (or a cross country ski) under the starlit sky just a little "dose of humility."

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  Starting 43 years ago as a race with 35 participants, the American Birkebeiner in Hayward, Wisconsin has now grown into the largest and longest cross-country ski event in North America, an international ski marathon with over 10,000 skiers competing in several events over the next few days.

In addition to Saturday's main event, comprised of both the 51K Skate Marathon and the 55K Classic Ski Marathon, there are also has several shorter-range races for people of all ages and abilities.

Tim Bates is the associate director of Rec Sports on campus ... and he says the skiing is great at UMD's Bagley Nature Center.