Christine Dean

As KUMD prepares to blow out 2017 with our 60th anniversary, we don't want to lose sight of all the things we did this year to get people talking. Thirty years of For The Birds.  Expanded Homegrown Music Festival coverage.  The local musician making national news.  KUMD was where you turned when you wanted to hear what the loss of David Bowie, Prince or the other icons who said goodbye this year meant to music. We take a look back at how KUMD had you talking this year.

Laramie Carlson Photography

No one does homegrown rawk and/or roll quite like the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival.  Festival Organizer Walt Raschick joins us to talk about some new venues (programs on the DTA  trolleys), new genres (classical music showcase, anyone?), the invasions of the Iron Range and the Cities, and, of course, the Christine Dean Homegrown Mix!