Carla Stetson

The last episode of Radio Gallery in 2013 is a look back, inspired by the memorable art that our guests shared with us, as well as highlights in the community, great shows and artist interviews.

12/25: Radio Gallery: 2013 in the rear view mirror

This week artist's Cecilia Ram?n and Carla Stetson talk with Radio Gallery about their combined work in their upcoming show at the Duluth Art Institute. "Confluence" opens on January 16th, and it will be up through March 17th.

Radio Gallery 1-16-2013: Ram?n and Stetson

This week Radio Gallery honors the memory of Elias Clayton, Elmer Jackson, and Issac McGhie, three black men who were attacked and lynched in Duluth on June 15th, 1920. Artist Carla Stetson shares the story of the Clayton Jackson McGhie Memorial.

Radio Gallery 02-09-2011: Carla Stetson