Man sitting on a stool playing guitar and singing into a microphone and woman standing playing accordian
Christine Dean for KUMD

We had a great session with this duo, which features Wisconsin native Jason Dae West and Arizona native Aurelia Anne Cohen, on January 5, 2018. Both were wanderers before they had a child and settled down in their current home in small-town Oregon; West traveled the country, sometimes hopping trains, and Cohen was (and still is) a circus performer. The two, who describe their sound as "original Western folk music," still tour regularly and have released four albums.

 Listen to our session from August 28, 2015 with this St. Paul musician, who takes an offbeat and eclectic approach to playing the accordian. We talked about how it became his primary instrument and about his main band, Cafe Accordian Orchestra, and how it differs from his solo performances.