Yes, He Fought Leo DiCaprio. On Screen? No Comment.

Mar 10, 2016

Tim Sitarz
Credit Photo courtesy Tim Sitarz

It's got to be pretty exciting to get a job on an Oscar-nominated film.  And The Revenant racked up a Best Actor statuette for Leonardo DiCaprio, as well as awards for Best Cinematography and Best Directing.

So why isn't Minnesota boy and a UMD grad Tim Sitarz splashing on-set photos and behind-the-scenes details all around? 

A little thing called a non-disclosure agreement.

Tim Sitarz may or may not have stunt-doubled for the bear that attacked Leonardo DiCaprio in the movie, but you didn't hear that from him.

He does, however, double for  country singer Toby Keith, on occasion.  And he sent us proof.

Toby Keith and Tim Sitarz. Or Tim Sitarz and Toby Keith.
Credit Photo courtesy Tim Sitarz