Women's Words, November 10, 2013: Susan Perala-Dewey

Nov 8, 2013

Women's Words on November 10, 2013 featured Susan Perala-Dewey reading four poems: "Occupy 2011: Superior Bay," "Temperance 2020," "Osmosis 2050," and "Winter Morning."

11/10 Women's Words: Susan Perala-Dewey

Born in Duluth, Susan Perala-Dewey writes about the people, landscapes, and culture that has shaped her life here in the Arrowhead region. Her poetry explores ideas of identity, heritage, politics and environment in the many intricate ways they connect. Her work has appeared in The Talking Stick, Dust & Fire, The Thunderbird Review, The Namadji Review, Writers Read, and the Wisconsin Poets' Calendar. She teaches writing at the University of Minnesota Duluth and works with teachers in the community through the Lake Superior Writing Project.

"Occupy 2011: Superior Bay, Minnesota" appeared in the 2013 Wisconsin Poets' Calendar.

"Temperance 2020" was published in The Thunderbird Review 2013 Issue I, published by the Fond du Lac Tribal and Community College in Cloquet, MN.

"Osmosis 2050" and "Winter Morning" were published in Writers Read 2013 Volume I, published by Little Big Bay.