Where's Art? with Annie Dugan

May 30, 2016

The Vacation Edition!

Wherever you roam up nort' this summer, there is art to enjoy.

Credit Ashley Kolka

Out west, think the MacRostie Art Center in Grand Rapids, MN.

The Miniatures Exhibition, featuring the collage art of Ashley Kolka is on display now ...

Catherine Meier

... as is an exhibition called Vast/Intimate by Catherine Meier.

Up north, there's the Grand Marais Art Colony.  June 3, Scott Husby will be presenting a program called Traveling Texts: What Bookbindings Tell us About Early Printed Books.

And for artists, right here at home there are several "call for entries" opportunities and a chance to tell Advancing Lincoln Park what you need, studio-wise - it's a chance to spark ideas for some new work over the summer or enter some already completed pieces.