Want to learn how to do things? The Duluth Folk School is the place

Aug 16, 2017

Surprises aplenty: the Duluth Folk School didn't know there was brick hidden under decades of plaster, lath and stucco until after they'd purchased the building
Credit ©Bryan French. Used with permission.

Funny they didn't offer a series of classes on "how to rehab old water-damaged buildings."

But there are plenty of treats in store for visitors to 1917 W Superior Street.

The new home of the Duluth Folk School will not only offer classroom space, in an effort to diversify and make the venture sustainable, they'll be renting out studio space (each with a skylight), offering a marketplace with locally handcrafted goods from instructors and tenants, and debuting The Dovetail Cafe.

Necessity is the mother of invention: to get a generous layer of carpet glue off a wood floor, attach three wallpaper steamers to one another, put the contraption on the floor for a minute or two to soften the glue, then scrape it off with an ice scraper.
Credit ©Bryan French. Used with permission.

The tin ceiling was another surprise, hidden above acoustic tiles. Here it gets a fresh coat of "tin foil" paint
Credit ©Bryan French. Used with permission.

For more behind-the-scenes look at the renovation, you can look at the Duluth Folk School's Facebook album, documenting the renovation.