Veteran's Voices Vietnam

Nov 3, 2017

"Minnesota soldiers who arrived in Vietnam had to adjust to the blistering heat as they carried out their duties in the tropical climate" ~ Ampers website
Credit Peter Molenda and Ampers

Veteran's Voices returns to KUMD, weekdays at 7am on Northland Morning.  Tune in each morning in November to hear personal, first-hand accounts form Minnesota Vietnam Veterans. With episodes of "The Jungle," "The Boy Officer" and "Living with PTSD" Minnesota veterans recount the weight they carry from the Vietnam War. 

As a part of the Association of Minnesota Public Educational Radio Stations, KUMD and the other 18 Ampers stations, Minnesota Humanities Center and the Minnesota Arts and Cultural Heritage Fund support the production of Veterans' Voices.  This is a "radio series exploring the knowledge, experience and leadership of Minnesota service members" writes Ampers.

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