Slurps - not words - comforting UMD students

Mar 1, 2017

Lucy the puppy offers some stress relief - even sleeping!

No one teaches you how to respond to a grieving friend.

People mean well, but sometimes the words hurt more than they help.

After three deaths on campus so far this year shook the campus community, over 200 students crowded into the Kirby Student Center lounge today for a special UMD PAWS event, where they could share whatever they were feeling with over a dozen dogs ... none of whom offered any more comment than a sympathetic slurp or two.

Dr. Shawna Weaver is a counselor and also the humane educator at Animal Allies Humane Society.  She attended the event with her dogs Isi and Lucy.

"It really is gratifying to see a community come together through hanging out with dogs," she said, "casually conversing and sharing stories."

Several students left notes of appreciation for the special PAWS session.

The next regular UMD PAWS event will be March 16 from 11am to 1pm in the Kirby Student Lounge.