Radio Gallery: Yarnbombing

Mar 2, 2016

"Land of the Loon" yarn
Credit Yarn Harbor

You may have heard of Yarnboming, a guerrilla art-form that includes dressing up the outside world with colorful knitted or crocheted pieces like signs with skirts or trees with sweaters.  This was the inspiration for the upcoming "Warm up the City" event put on by Yarn Harbor in Duluth.  At noon on Sunday March 13, knitters and other caring folks will spread across the city to spread the warmth of cozy knitted items - hanging hats, scarves and mittens outdoors for the taking - Each item’s tag reads: “I am not lost! I need a good home! If you need me, please take me home with you.”  You can donate items knitted items, both handmade and store-bought at Yarn Harbor before the event and you can volunteer to participate a 12 pm that Sunday.  Free knitted hats and such will be shared along thoroughfares in hopes that those in need will cross their path.  We spoke with Organizer and knitter Jo’Elle Galo.

Warm up the City event info