Radio Gallery: Stereotypes

Dec 27, 2016


Iron Range Butcher: Vance Gellert

Radio Gallery is a weekly arts program dedicated to sharing the work and endeavors of Minnesota Artists, encouraging everyone to seek out art and add it to their lives, their homes and their community and see how it can change the world.

At year’s end, I like to take a look back at exhibits and artists stories that made an impact in our community. This year, artists whose work created a lasting memory for me had challenged my preconceived ideas and addressed common stereotypes.

From Latina Art in Un-Typing Casta, to local quilters breaking down barriers we gain new perspectives. From Vance Gellert’s photographs of the Iron Range to films created in Minnesota that don’t have a Fargo accent; Art is a way to change how we think about the people and the world around them.  Listen for highlights from 2016 Radio Gallery.