Radio Gallery: Jonathan Thunder

Jul 19, 2017

A rare screening of local animation is showing 7pm on Thursday July, 20 at Teatro Zuccone.  A collection of films by local artist Jonathan Thunder is an exciting part of his new exhibit “Peripheral Vignettes” at the Duluth Art Institute.  

As an art student in painting and drawing, Thunder was inspired by a pixar film pushing him forward in his long-time interest in animation. Thunder's graphic painting style combined with a passion storytelling and cartoons have come full circle in this dual media exhibit with paintings and animations.  This new body of work reflect his Ojibwe roots through characters and their internal mindscapes.  Thursday's film showing is a narrated journey through his work as an animator and includes new and past productions.  Ending with the latest production "Walk in Dreams."

Jonathan Thunder's paintings are on view at the Duluth Art Institute through  Sept. 4, 2017.

The film screening 7/20/17 at Teatro Zuccone, 7pm

Jonathan Thunder MN Artists

Jonathan Thunder films

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