Radio Gallery: Homegrown Video Festival

May 3, 2016

Homegrown Music Video Festival - Black Eyed Snakes
Credit Brian Barber 2011

This week Radio Gallery spotlights the Duluth Homegrown Music Festival, of course. Ancillary Arts Night has come and gone but don't worry, you have not missed out.  The annual photo show is on display all week at the Red Herring Lounge and the Homegrown Music Video Festival has two encore showings:  Tuesday, 5/3 at 7pm at Zinema 2 and wrapping up the festival is a free showing at the Red Herring on Sunday 5/8 at noon.   

What is this Music Video Festival? Each year Duluth bands submit songs and the festival puts out the call for videographers to make videos for the project.  The result is 15-20 delightful and surprising music videos that the bands may or may not appreciate.  The montage of local music and humorous, personal interpretations keep us coming back year after year. 

I spoke with one participant from the 2016 Homegrown Music Video Festival, Liz Minnette.

Homegrown Music Festival

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