Radio Gallery 3-5-2013: Andy Hardman

Mar 5, 2013

This week Radio Gallery speaks with Andy Hardman as he prepares for his upcoming exhibition at the Ochre Ghost. Hardman has had a vast amount of experience in different mediums; beginning as a film and darkroom photographer, and adapting with the times to becoming an Iphone photographer.

Andy Hardman

Maija Jenson and Cloey Walsh

Hardman's exhibition at the Ochre will consist of several photographs he took on a film camera and developed in the darkroom at the Depot location of the Duluth Art Institute. These photos are a series that Hardman took while working as a nightclub photographer at Webster Music Hall in New York City. The exhibition is March 8th at the Ochre Ghost from 7pm-11pm. Listen as Hardman discusses the changing world of photography that inevitably comes along with technological innovations.

Andy Hardman Photography

Ochre Ghost Exhibit

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