Radio Gallery 3-27-2013: Dorian Beaulieu

Mar 26, 2013

This spring, Radio Gallery has dedicated a lot of time to recognizing local student artists, because they often bring new, unique ideas to the field. This week, we talk with ceramics professor Dorian Beaulieu about the Visiting Artist, Tate Rich, who is showing his work and talking with students at Lake Superior Community College March 25th-28th.

Radio Gallery 3-27-2013: Dorian Beaulieu

It is vital for student artists to be in contact with professional artists because having the right resources and opportunities is what really allows student artists to flourish. LSC's Visiting Artist Week is a great way for students to learn new, more professional techniques, and a way to get inspired. Beaulieu talks with Radio Gallery about how this program also allows students to make essential connections.

LSC Visiting Artist Week

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