Radio Gallery 12-28-2010: Allison Aune

Dec 28, 2010

Allison Aune, University of Minnesota Professor of Art History joins Radio Gallery to talk about the Scandinavian arts, including Holiday traditions, historical roots and her own contemporary interpretations of her heritage.

Radio Gallery 12-28-2010: Allison Aune

Maija Morton and Liz Pedersen

Allison Aune shares norwegian Swedish and Finnish winter and holiday traditions including paper arts, the tradition of lights at this time of year, and of course the Christmas Goat. Allison Aune uses traditional patterns from textiles, tile, cloth, clothes, and inter decor to inform her painting. Her work can be seen at Takk for Maten in Duluth and online. For instructions on how to make some of the traditional scandinavian paper items follow the links below.

Allison Aune

Finnish Christmas Traditions

Finnish Star Instructions

Paper Heart Basket instructions

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