Radio Gallery 11-17-2010: One Year Special

Nov 17, 2010

This week marks the one year anniversary of Radio Gallery. In the past year Radio Gallery has helped contribute to the local art scene in many ways. Annie Dugan, the Duluth Art Institute's curator, shares with us the ways in which Radio Gallery has impacted the art scene in Duluth and throughout Minnesota.

Radio Gallery 11-17-2010: One Year Special

Radio Gallery is a segment about ideas, people, and Minnesota artists. This week is the one year anniversary since Radio Gallery has started, and marks an exciting point within the local art scene. It is a weekly 5 minute segment hosted by Maija Morton. Radio Gallery speaks with Minnesota artists about their work and ideas in order to share their influences, techniques, journeys and challenges in order to introduce art to the general listener, give them something to look for, think about or pursue in the world of art. Radio Gallery has interviewed artists working in a variety of art forms including, ceramics, painting, woodcarving, film, photography, design, sculpture, theater, photography, digital arts and more.

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