Radio Gallery 11-13-2013: Judge Jane Mayeron

Nov 13, 2013

Radio Gallery speaks with Judge Jane Mayeron, a magistrate with the Federal court about the traveling exhibit titles "Lawyers Without Rights," which explores what happened when Hitler took away the rights of lawyers, and the lessons that we can learn from this injustice.

Lawyers Without Rights

Radio Gallery welcomes Judge Jane Mayeron to discuss the traveling exhibit "Lawyers Without Rights." It was developed by the German Bar Association, and is being displayed in conjunction with the American Bar Association. The purpose of the exhibit it to educate the public about what happened when Hitler took away the rights of lawyers in 1933. It is made up of pictures exploring this disenfranchisement in order to explore how we can learn from these lessons and respond to challenges we continue to face today.

"It speaks to how much this topic touches everybody in their hearts" -Judge Jane Mayeron

Lawyers Without Rights

The film: Nuremberg -The Schulberg/Waletzky Restoration

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