Radio Gallery 10-02-2013: Jim Ojala

Oct 1, 2013

Jim Ojala, filmmaker and special affects artist joins Radio Gallery to share details about his first feature film, "Strange Nature," about the deformed frog outbreak that began in Minnesota, and where it may lead.

Radio Gallery 10-02-2013: Jim Ojala

Jim Ojala discuses his eco-thriller, Strange Nature, a film about the deformed frog outbreak that began in Minnesota. Ojala grew up in Duluth, Minnesota, and remembers hearing news about the spread of frog deformities. This memory sparked an interest, which has inspired him to lend his expertise as a filmmaker, and make up and creature effect artists to create this informative horror film about the potential reality of this environmental issue.

The film will be shot in Minnesota to capture the aesthetics of the Midwest in order to create a representation that is both accurate, enchanting, and perhaps alarming. The potential reality and horrors of the film has already been witnessed in the recent event of the deformed wolf that attacked in Bemidji, Minnesota.

On Friday, Oct. 4th at 8p.m. the Strange Nature Movie will hold a benefit concert. The event features Cars & Trucks, Wolf Blood, Phillip of Nazareth, Bratwurst, Surfactants and Out Loud Comedians. It is located at Clyde Iron Works 2920 W. Michigan St.

Strange Nature Movie Benefit Concert

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