Radio Gallery 09-15-2010: Michael Tonder

Sep 14, 2010

This week Radio Gallery speaks with local artist Michael Tonder who is one of the artists being featured in this years "Crossing Borders." This is a free self-guided tour that allows the opportunity to visit the studios of the artists to view and purchase their artwork. Crossing Borders takes place from September 24th to October 3rd.

Radio Gallery 09-15-2010: Michael Tonder

Tonder, a local glasswork artist, spoke with Radio Gallery this week about the process of his work, and the inspiration that has led him to create the art that he does today. He works with a variety of recycled glass, kilns, and a sandblaster to create "ice" looking glass sculptures that takes a process of nearly 3 days. He shares his unique process of creating each piece, and explains what he does that gives each piece the soft "icy" blue tone. Tonder shares the story behind how he began working with glass, and how he has developed it into what he now does as an artist. He has attended many festivals in the past, and his work is sold at galleries in eastern and mid-western parts of the United States. Tonder and his wife Jody will be a part of the Crossing Borders tour this year.

Studio Tour Map
Michael Tonder

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