Radio Gallery 09-11-2013: Nickolas Monson

Sep 9, 2013

This week on Radio Gallery we speak to Nickolas Monson about "Transplants," an exhibit opening at Pr?ve Gallery on September 13th. It will showcase art by individuals from various places who have moved to Duluth.

Radio Gallery 09-11-2013: Nickolas Monson

Pr?ve Gallery is a contemporary and experimental art gallery located in downtown Duluth dedicated to the role of art exhibition as a conduit of powerful ideas and diverse viewpoints.

"Transplants," will open at Pr?ve Gallery on September 13th, which will present art from individuals who come from all around the world and have found a home in Duluth.

Radio Gallery speaks with Nickolas Monson about the importance of highlighting artists from various places in order to promote diversity and awareness of the artistic talent that exists all around the world.

Pr?ve Gallery is located at 21 North Lake Avenue Duluth, MN 55802

"Transplants" Details

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