Radio Gallery 08-08-2011: Sean Elmquist

Aug 8, 2011

Local sculpture artist Sean Elmquist joins Radio Gallery this week to share the ideas behind his work. He is currently displaying his art at Ochre Ghost Gallery, which is a space dedicated to promoting the work of young artists in the community. Ochre Ghost Gallery is located at 22 N 2nd Ave E, Duluth, MN 55802.

Radio Gallery 08-08-2011: Sean Elmquist

Ochre Ghost Gallery, located at 22 N. 2nd Ave E, Duluth, MN 55802, is a small art space that is filled with big ideas by young local artists who are dedicated to sharing their voice through the work they create. Sean Elmquist, a local sculpture artist, currently has his work on display at Ochre Ghost Gallery and joins us in the studio to share the ideas behind his art. Plastic is his material of choice because of the way it can work to present the visual language of capitalism. He shares how he uses plastic as a way to create items that mimic what could be made in production facilities, and the way he uses the whole room as a canvas in order to engage the audience into his art.

Sean Elmquist

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