Radio Gallery 07-03-12 Adam Swanson

Jul 5, 2012

This week Radio Gallery spotlights Adam Swanson and his work in the exhibit "Running With Scissors" taking place at the AZ Gallery in St. Paul.

Radio Gallery 07-03-12 Adam Swanson

Running With Scissors is a group exhibition where each artist was asked to create nine pieces of art while following specific themes for each piece. Those themes are: The Great American Sasquatch, Anthropomorphism, All Things Mechanical, Teddy Bears, Texture, Time Travel, The Color Pink, Subversive Kitsch, and In the Shadows. The exhibit will run from July 5th through July 29th at the AZ Gallery which is located at 308 Prince St. Suite 130 St. Paul, MN 55101.

The AZ Gallery

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