Radio Gallery 06-23-2010: Elliott Silberman

Jun 22, 2010

Elliot Silberman is one of the many Minnesota artists exhibiting their work this weekend at the Park Point Art Fair. He is a portrait artist that is able to capture the image in the likeness of three minutes. Park Point Art Fair will also be featuring ceramics, carved wood, jewelry, prints and KUMD with a CD sale fundraiser.

Radio Gallery 06-23-2010: Elliott Silberman

Silberman shares with KUMD his experiences in the past with portraits. He has been to a variety of fairs and events such as the Lutsen Art Fair, now called the Grand Marais Art Festival, which is still going on and coming up this summer on July 10th and 11th. Within about three minutes Silberman can produce a quality life-like portrait. In this short amount of time he captures the essence of the image into a captivating hand drawn sketch. Stop by the Park Point Art Fair in Duluth going on June 26th and 27th to celebrate artists and their work.

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